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The name's Baxter, Bad Baxter

 When I'm good, I'm bad. When I'm bad, I'm even better!
Here you will find several things, but first, dig the music!

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Some things for sale, some not.
And a healthy dose of etcetera because

Baxter does not like limits!

Baxter is named from a french movie about a dog and how he perceives the three owners he ends up with. Half the script is his thoughts about what occurs around him. It's kind of dark in some places but if you're okay with that, and subtitles (if you don't speak french,) it's a great movie. Hey! That's my first opinion!

handicapped equipment

  1. Rosewood Chiropractic

columbia sc mobile auto detailing

K&D Detailing

Pssst - the best way to get me to come is to rustle plastic snack bags!


Questions? I might have an answer.

Comments? Become trash unless constructive.

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